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Michigan's Industrialites' Journal
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Monday, June 9th, 2008
2:21 am
famine - every mirror turns black
Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007
4:53 pm
Wednesday, December 27th, 2006
11:30 am
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18+ $8

ST1TCH from Mushroomhead and DJ Pyst along with resident DJ ØNothing and DJ Razorblade

Many events such as shows and fire breathing.

Come check it out

Doors @ 9pm with $1 drinks until 11pm and $2 drinks all night long.

The Token Lounge is located @

28949 Joy Rd. Westland Mi 48185
Wednesday, December 20th, 2006
3:47 pm
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3:47 pm
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Tuesday, December 12th, 2006
11:48 pm
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Wednesday, December 6th, 2006
4:38 pm
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Tuesday, December 5th, 2006
2:48 pm
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Wednesday, November 29th, 2006
5:16 pm
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Tuesday, November 28th, 2006
12:22 pm
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With an add on opening performance from Ventana(Memebers of Mushroomhead)

and Elude Fearra


anyway...there will be an after party after the show 18+ only until 2am. Everyone under 18 will be asked to leave after the show.

21+ is Free w/wristband

18+ has to pay $8 to attend the after party. If you are just coming for the after party and are 21+ its $5

$2 drinks all night long
Monday, November 27th, 2006
1:04 pm
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With an add on opening performance from Ventana(Memebers of Mushroomhead)

and Elude Fearra

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
1:51 pm
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Buy your Psyclon Nine Tix tonight @ Industry as well.

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12:08 am
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Tongue $3

Labret $3

Eyebrow $3

All 2 for $5 or 5 for $10....CAN'T BEAT THAT!!!!!!

Fancy Belly $5

Plugs $5 pair 8g- 0g

All large 8g-00g...nothing is over $15 each

Open Fri. 12pm-9pm Sat. 10am-9pm, Sun. 10am -6pm

a variety of different styles...check us out.
Thursday, November 9th, 2006
8:40 pm
Psyclon Nine Concert All ages
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There will be an after party after the show 18+ only. Everyone under 18 will be asked to leave after the show.

21+ is Free w/wristband

18+ has to pay $8 to attend the after party. If you are just coming for the after party and are 21+ its $4

Tickets will be sold at Industry @ The Token Lounge Next Wed. night for Goth/Industrial night or the night of the show.

Tickets also available through Ticket Master.

$15 All ages

Doors at 6pm.

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Sunday, July 9th, 2006
2:45 pm
Cyanotic - Hail The Glitch 2k6 summer tour
Chicago's own Cyanotic, on tour starting 07/21.

Come see us play new songs. Buy our stuffs. Drink beer with us. We don't care if you are legal drinking age. If you are going to come up with some excuse to not come see us, might as well delete us from your friend's list right now, 'cause people who don't support are not people we want to associate with anyways.




Jul 21 - Grounds Sphere Rhythm - Allegan, MI
Jul 22 - High Five - Columbus, OH
Jul 23 - Garfield Artworks - Pittsburgh, PA
Jul 24 - The Penny Arcade - Rochester, NY
Jul 26 - TBA - Boston, MA
Jul 27 - Bottom's Up - Flushing/Queens - New York, NY
Jul 28 - The Sterling [Rock Room] - Allentown, PA
Jul 29 - TBA - Baltimore, MD
Jul 30 - Wetlands - Chapel Hill, NC
Jul 31 - TBA - Charlotte, NC
Aug 02 - Ground Zero - Spartanburg, SC
Aug 03 - TBA - Tampa, FL
Aug 04 - Saints & Sinners - Spring Hill, FL
Aug 05 - TBA - Atlanta, GA
Aug 06 - TBA - Nashville, TN
Aug 08 - Creepy Crawl - St. Louis, MO
Aug 09 - Double Door - Chicago, IL
Aug 10 - TBA - South Bend, IN

More soon (obviously).

Keep checking www.inyurface.com (our new booking agency) and www.cyanotic-online.com for updates.

This will be Cyanotic's first ever headlining tour, so please do what we have already seen some of the true fans doing as of late, promoting this tour all over the net to potential fans via music forums, MySpace, LiveJournal, Suicide Girls, Something Awful, etc. All you gotta do is mention our site (www.cyanotic-online.com), drop a link to our MySpace (www.myspace.com/cyanoticonline), maybe include a little picture of the Glitch Mode guy and a personal testimonial that we don't suck. That usually seems to do the trick.

We promise your hard work will not go unappreciated. Free booze a-plenty AND the possibility of waking up next to a member of the Cyanotic crew passed out in his or her own filth. How could anybody resist such a tempting offer?

On sale at all shows, new shirts and the new compilation from Glitch Mode Recordings, "Hordes of the Elite", featuring new tracks from 16 Volt, Cyanotic, Rabbit Junk, Carbon 12, Darque Science, Sindaddy and many more.

Cyanotic's debut album, "Transhuman" is near completely sold out, and we don't have enough time to repress for the tour, so if any of you do in fact plan on snatching the Cyanotic CD at any of the shows, let us know, as we gotta put 'em aside for ya. Supplies are VERY limited. We will have label compilations featuring Cyanotic tracks and some interesting info concerning the repressing of "Transhuman" we have aimed for fall, with a special discount for people in attendance at any of the "Hail The Glitch" shows.

In other news, our impromptu Canadian shows replacing Front Line Assembly in Ottawa, ON were a huge success. Less than 24 hours of preparation, and yet we still managed to drop two of the best sets we have ever played. Thanks again to Harsh Reality Productions, DJ Leslie, Jairus Pryor and Antigen Shift. We will definitely see all you wonderful canucks in the near future. Expect some live mp3s soon.
Tuesday, February 28th, 2006
2:43 am
Cyanotic mini tour
Chicago's own Cyanotic will be heading out with The God Project for a small run of midwest dates beginning in late March. Also joining us as touring keyboardist will be Tom Hutchinson of LiD LiD , whose song "Light" is featured on the now out-of-print "Modern Destruction" compilation, available from Cyanotic's label, Glitch Mode Recordings . Look for a repressing of this killer compilation soon!

Cyanotic / The God Project / Endif

Cyanotic / The God Project

Cyanotic / The God Project

Tuesday, September 27th, 2005
5:39 pm
Hello! My name is Marie-Noëlle Martinez from Montreal, in Quebec, Canada. I'm representing Dj Nachtengel, a popular Dj from Montreal gothic circuit
from the past 7 years. I want to let you know of a project that Dj Nachtengel has started a few days ago and that i think could be of interests for you.

On www.shoutcast.com, under the name Nachtengel Ascend, he started a new
online radio show that is covering many musical styles like EBM, Industrial, Noise,
Metal, New Wave, Gothic, Alternatif, Punk and Electro.

This radio is mostly playing by night, for now. The schedule aren't completly set
up, but soon a website is going to be created, with the programmation slots available for your listening pleasure. If you want to catch a glimpse of it tune in toward 10pm (eastern Time) each day.

So what could be interesting in there for you?

Of course, that would be the music first. But our goal is also to expand our
horizon farther than Montreal and to collaborate with new bands, djs and
promoters troughout Canada and USA.

If you are a musician, a dj, or a promoter, we would like you to write to us and send us
your feedbacks about Nachtengel Ascend. We want to encourage our listeners to discover new talents throughout our streams and make them buy your artists records, go to your evenings or hear something else than the usual mainstream radio crap...

That way, you'll have the possibility to be even more expose and have your song listen to by more people.

The same is for the promoter, let us know of your events in club, the shows in
your area, of every counter culture style, in order to help you promote even more the underground scene of your city. We would gladly like to have interviews from you, your city and clubs to attract more clientele for you.

Of course, as soon as the website will also be up, you could have your URL
in our Link Page.

If you listen to the show and hear an artist unknown to you and would like
more information on him, just email us at NachtengelAscend@gmail.com and we'll give you all the details you need to join them.

In hoping to hear from you in the future...

Marie-Noelle Martinez...

Maybe it seems utopic, but we really wish to start a radio that would
reunited as many scene of different cities as possible.

Another word for dj's and promoter; next summer, we'd really like to make a
roadtrip around the States and Canada in differents industrial-noise-ebm
clubs. If you like over the year what we do and are interested, we would
like to be booked as guest dj's in your place in exchange of a place to
crash. Nachtengel and I are both experienced dj's and we'd like to have this
chance of joining a travel with our number one passion; music.

Anyway, I know it is soon to talk of this now but we are open to
suggestions, comments, and really wish to get to know the part that you do
in your community.

So from now on, you can write to us at ....nachtengelascend@gmail.com

Thanks for everything, we are waiting to hear your comeback on the shows and
receive news from you!

for more info on Nachtengel's background: http://kao-production.com/n005en.htm
Sunday, May 15th, 2005
11:41 am
06.03 - Kraftwerk - State Theatre

06.25 - Meat Beat Manifesto - St. Andrews
.."Meat Beat Manifesto is touring for the first time in years. Jack Dangers will be joined by Mark Pistel on the laptop/samples, Lynn Farmer on drums and Ben Stokes manning a spectacular, high definition video presentation."

Current Mood: groggy
Tuesday, May 10th, 2005
3:14 pm

After nearly two years of non-stop recording, mixing, remixing, tweaking and re-tweaking -- "Transuman", the debut full length from Cyanotic is finally available for purchase direct from www.cyanotic-online.com or www.cracknation.com for the introductory price of $9.99. It's 12 tracks of harsh electronic / industrial aggression featuring the production talents of Acumen Nation / DJ? Acucrack and Iammynewt.

Also available -- shirts in every size from medium baby tees to XXL. Snatch 'em up fast as the supply is short. The quicker the orders come in, the quicker you will see us on tour. As an underground band our exploits are 100% funded by merch sales, so please refrain from unnecessary piracy. Fans outside the U.S. please add $3.99 onto the total price for the discs / combo deals. For those couple hundred people who took advantage of the pre-order -- our apologies for the delay. We were expecting to ship discs in the last week of April but didn't recieve the boxes til this last Friday. All pre-orders are in the mail and safely on the way to your doorsteps as I type. Please send all and any further inquries to sean@cyanotic-online.com.

Some blurbs from recent reviews:

"fresh material for true fans of grinding and aggressive industrial music" -- industrial nation

"brutal and mercliess" -- side-line

"the best industrial CD I have heard in ages" -- supercoolnothing.com

Also -- a big thanks to everybody who made it out for the "Transhuman" release party debacuhery in downtown Chicago at Bottom Lounge last Friday. A good time was had by all, even after the meddlings of the hotel clerks and almost getting thrown out onto the streets. I can't remember much about the past four days, but what I do remember was a good load of fun. Thanks again for Jamie from the Cracknation crew for stopping by, and all the MySpace / forumite junkies. We are all looking forward to partying with you again once touring comes around. Let us know what you think of the disc. Don't be shy about posting comments at either www.cyanotic-online.com/forum or www.myspace.com/cyanoticonline. We are ecstatic to hear our listeners' opinions and communicate with fans.

For all and any who want to help promote the release of "Transhuman" check out the promo materials available at www.cyanotic-online.com/promo. We thank all the loyal supporters for helping spread the word thus far, especially the ever trustworthy bunch of Cyanotic forumites. The success of this band would not be possible without all of you guys 'n' gals.

Touring will begin in summer. Booking of venues is already underway. Email our management (jg_a12@juno.com) if you want to see us play in your town. Check out www.supercoolnothing.com and www.wetworksezine.com for a couple new interviews and reviews of Cyanotic. The compilation for Darksonus (www.darksonus.com) is nearing the final stages of completion and should be available in the very near future. We are also currently wrapping up a couple remixes for The Aggression and Chemlab. After that, nothing but a whole lot of practicing with the new live band lineup and some repeat viewings of "Old School".

Keep checking www.cyanotic-online.com for more info and thanks again.


-- our role models are machines --

Sunday, April 24th, 2005
3:21 pm

Come and party with Cyanotic and members of Acumen Nation / DJ? Acucrack in honor of the debut Cyanotic album's release at Bottom Lounge in Chicago on May 6th. All the details available on the main page of www.cyanotic-online.com -- expect quality after party festivities as well. Check out www.cyanotic-online.com to hear samples from the full length debut album.

“Transhuman” — the debut full length album from Cyanotic. 12 tracks of harsh and diverse electronic aggression featuring production by Acumen Nation / DJ? Acucrack and Iammynewt. Ships 05/06/05. Head on over to www.wetworksezine.com for a recent review of “Transhuman” and an interview with Cyanotic. Expect more reviews and interviews in the following weeks. CDs, shirts, buttons, stickers and combo deals available now in the “store” section of the site -- all at ultra reasonable prices.

Cyanotic is now booking our summer tour. Get in touch with jg_a12@juno.com if you want to see us play in your city and yell at our management to make it so. Two new live members will be along for the ride this time around. Jan Szpila — A.K.A. uber badass of the Polish persuasion — on electronic drums and Wendy Mills — A.K.A. petite girlie in tight tanktop — on keyboards. Yay for full four piece bands.

Also be sure to check out our new profile at www.myspace.com/cyanoticonline.

Thanks again to all our supporters.

Here's hoping to hear from you all soon.


-- our role models are machines --

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